October is now half finished...

I had a wonderful weekend off. I puttered around the house, visited with friends, walked the dogs, hung out with the lovely gentleman a couple of times, ate lots of yummy food and just relaxed.. It was heavenly.

This week has been busy, but no worries, I still make time for me... I was at the gym 4 times, walked the dogs, worked and stole moments just for me.

The fireplace is now up and running for the season, there will be plenty of evenings spent curled up with a good book and a cuppa tea being enjoyed this year.

Now, if there was a fairy godmother who would come and give my house a fall cleaning, it would be even better...

I'm working tomorrow at 5, and I'l spend the day at the local holistic and wellness fair. I'm eager to see what they have new this year. Sunday, I have no plans made, so I'll do what ever strikes my fancy that day.

Life is very good in my world right now.... Happy weekend all!


Hawaii Planner said…
Love the upbeat post - super great to hear that everything is going so well!

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