October 21/15

My weekend was good. I worked 4 hours at my pt job, spent the evening hanging out with the lovely gentleman, took my mother for a drive on Sunday and spent the afternoon with her.  It snowed Sunday... Yuck,,, but it didn;t last. The wellness fair was amazing. I met lots of people and had an opportunity to hang out with the sweetest baby girl...  It was funny, because people kept asking me how old my baby was... Sorry, but she's my friends grand daughter...

I worked my pt job Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday was interesting there. My co-worker was 30 minutes late for her shift. I had 16, yes 16 tables on the go at once. It was a wee bit overwhelming, but with the help of the manager and the hostess, we got it done. I took orders, ran drinks and did quality checks. They ran the food. We had only one minor disaster, but it was q quick fix.  Today, I get to take my firs aid and cpr again, as work has lost the record of me taking it last year. go figure. I get to hang out with some friends for the day.

Life just keeps moving on, and I'm fully immersed in it. I hope everyone is having a good week so far!


Jane said…
Your positive energy continues to FLOW! I saw the picture of the VERY cute baby on FB - next we need a picture of the "lovely gentleman"!! I love the positive quotes you post on FB - I feel like I am in a much better place than I was a year ago but still a work in progress...but then who isn't?
I hope to plan a big east coast visit next year so I can catch up with everyone. It was a little awkward having my brother with me for this quick trip - my sister and I didn't get to do the usual things like explore the thrift shops and book stores and have tea time together. So I plan to leave him behind on my next trip :) It wasn't all bad though - I really enjoyed our mornings together as we'd sit around the dining room table drinking our coffee, looking at old photos and reminiscing. Good times.

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