Oct 1/15

Sorry, but it's been a busy week or so. My trip to visit Dd for her 23 birthday was lovely. we had lots of good food, lots of laughs and saw lots of sights.  We met the nicest people and were treated well every where we went. My mother was played out by the time we left and slept most of Monday... She did well for 75.

The lovely gentleman and I have seen a lot of each other and talked on the phone tons while I was away... It pays to be patient and wait for someone who brings joy into your life, and makes you laugh, plus having some serious conversations about life and what each person can bring to the table... This is two people who are very relaxed around one another and say what is ever is on their mind. It's a good thing, dear readers... added bonus, he brings me flowers...

Moneywise, well, it's a new month, and time to pull things back... planning things out a little better, and i may have to do something to get caught back up. No ones fault but my own...


Love hearing about your lovely gentleman! Laughing together, being relaxed together, talking about whatever comes to mind - sounds terrific. I always thought that when I can talk to a mn like I can talk to my girlfriends, he'll be 'the one'. Glad your holiday with DD was such a success! xx

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