So, it's the long weekend and an overview of the summer

Things are ticking along nicely and I've got one jam packed schedule from now until Thanksgiving... I just wrote that and thought, holy cow... it's going to be a blast this summer.  I'm heading to a concert on the 11th of July instead of coming directly home... It'll be a good time and my mother is going to keep the dogs for the evening...  I hope everyone is having a great week! ( written June 24/15)

Now that summer is starting to wind down, I thought I'd gather my thoughts and review my summer thus far.

I've gone out and socialized every weekend in one form or another.  Whether it was dancing, drinks, supper or even a quick trip to visit friends, I did something. I've learned to make some kick ass sangria, I've raced through mud, climbed tree's, danced all night, slept in late, and smiled a whole lot!

 I made a conscious decision not to work every weekend this summer ( I worked three Saturday's all summer) and I did chose to work the paid holidays.     Once again, I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone and forced myself to do things that scared me...  You know what? It's not that bad to push yourself beyond what you think you can't do.  

I'm open to meeting new people and having more fun. For an introvert and one who suffers from social anxiety, this can be challenging. I find that the more I push myself,  and ask myself, why, the anxiety is lessening. ( I did have one huge attack in Mayor June that brought me to my knees in the privacy of my own bathroom but after 15 minutes or so, it was done, no drugs, just the comfort of my dogs and using the techniques that I've learned over the years did the trick, and yes, I know this will not work for everyone). 

I had planned on going to the AC/DC concert today, but I've decided against it. I feel the need to just stay around and maybe go for a drive to a beach some where and sit by the water and listen and breath in the salt air. 

I have had some of the best conversations with friends this summer about life, love and loss. I've been a cheerleader ( and they for me) about changing your perception of who you think you want in your life and who will enhance your life ( the lesson here is to figure out what all the others had in common and to understand how that commonality  has impacted your life). Deep thoughts for a Saturday morning, I know.

I must go and walk the dogs shortly and get on with the day. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Update: While walking the dogs this morning, I decided to go and see ACDC... Totally unplanned, but everything has fallen into place ( drive, place to stay, etc...)  See ya's all tomorrow!


Hawaii Planner said…
This post made me so happy. It sounds like a fantastic summer, full of fun but also personal development, & pushing yourself. So happy for you! :-)
Jolie said…
So proud of you for taking time for you this summer. I suffer from social anxiety too and people who know me find it hard to believe. Getting out there is TOUGH!

Have a great time at AC/DC!
Jane said…
Glad you went to see AC/DC!!! I would too! Proud of you my dear - I know how hard it can be to leave the comfort zone. You are doing so great - your post made me smile :)

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