Monday mornings and rainy days don't get me down!

It's a cool, rainy morning here... I worked at my PT job Saturday night and we had lots of laughs and it was busy! I'm on target for my monthly goal, which is nice!  Sunday morning, I walked the dogs with my momma, I cleaned and had a lovely Sunday afternoon nap. I got up from my nap and spent three and a half hours in the kitchen. I cooked veggies, cubed and marinated pork which I then froze, did up ground pork patties and cooked those, plus I made blueberry muffins and oatmeal choc chip cookies. I froze these too. Spent some time texting, and made plans for next Sunday. If the weather cooperates, I'm going to be the passenger on his bike. That will be a first for me... ( and yes, it scares me a wee bit, but again, it's facing the fear and walking through it)....  I could have sat and talked with him for hours more  on Saturday, but I'll have a chance to talk lots on Sunday. I'm going to pack some snacks, we'll stop somewhere for that and then continue on for lunch or supper on his bike... :)

There you have the weekend wrap up. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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