The last day of August, 2015

Another month done... The summer flew by... Hard to believe that school starts next week.  I worked as normal, had Saturday off and just manly puttered around the house, and did errands. I did go to visit some friends and went out for supper with another group of girls. We got dressed up, dresses and heels, and sat on a patio beside the water. It was wonderful. I spent 50.00 for my meal and it was heavenly. I'd much rather go out once or twice a month and have really good food and really good company than takeout.

I worked at my pt job yesterday, and I took tables for 4 hours, then managed the other 4, which meant I watched and sent all the food out.. Fun fun... I'm not a fan of working Sunday...

I chatted with DD, I watched bits and pieces of the blue jays games... I walked the dogs, adventured to a new trail which was lovely, but had tricky footing. All in all, things are going ok. I hope everyone has a good week.


Jane said…
August just flew by! I've been thinking about all of the teachers working so hard this week getting their classrooms and curriculum organized and realized I don't miss that part of things one little bit!! Not even a little bit lol! I hope we have a nice fall - it doesn't seem that long ago that we were all up to our eyeballs in snow!

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