Friday, August 21, 2015

The good , the bad and the ugly sort of post...

The good... The weather has been good, hot and muggy... I managed to get to the beach for a few hours this week. It's tonic to my soul...

The bad... My job is being cut at work. I have to reapply for a similar position ( no worries, I'll still be employed and at the same pay scale). I've made the decision that if I have to go back to working shift work, I'm giving myself until Jan 2019 and then I'm done. I'll put in to retire, freeze my pension until I'm 60 and deal with it. I'll waitress until I can no longer do so.  I've felt a huge sense of relief since I decided that I can chose to walk away from my job and support myself waiting tables full time.

The ugly... I've calculate my debt's as to right now...  Hiding my head in the sand again... 16,000 in CC,'s ( WHich are all cut up or not activated) 13,000 loc, 93,000 mortgage, 22,000 car... Yikes, scary but doable... I've worked and failed and learned lessons along the way.  Slow but steady will win this race.  My lower back has been acting wonky this week... First time in a few years that it has caused me issues. I'll book a visit to the chiropractor for next week.   My heat pump is broken yet again... Waiting for a part... Which has added more stress to my life... it was 78 degrees in my house last night.

I'm keeping optimistic about things, as I know all of these things are a small blip on the radar. I'm still healthy, I have a roof over my head and friends and family who love me. What more can a person ask for?

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Jane said...

Making a decision to take an early retirement was the best decision I ever made. The relief was amazing so I am proud of you for making a plan now. With that motivation behind you taking care of your debt will seem easier and more worthwhile. And you're fortunate to have part-time work that you enjoy and can continue right into retirement. You'll be fine :)

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