Saturday, August 1, 2015

Aug 1/15

It's Saturday morning and it's hot here...  it's 28 degrees with the humidity... Compared to last weeks 12 degrees... Welcome to New Brunswick, where the weather is ever changing... 

Today is going to a be an amazing day, I can feel it in my bones... I'm off to work at my pt job at 5 til close and I'm going to finish up some things inside the house for a few hours. I did part of the lawn already and some hacking down of weeds, the rest of the lawn can wait...

I'm working no where tomorrow, so I'm going to have a beach day, then an evening out with friends ( I may or may not drink, I haven;t decided yet). Monday, which is a civic holiday here, will find we working at my PT job for the evening.  It made sense to me to work a longer, later shift if I'm going out the night before. I'll get paid time and a half, plus stat pay. It'll work out to be about 150 for the day, which is really good money for the day.

Next Saturday will be the mud run that I'm doing. i'm so excited for it! I may even be brave a post a picture of myself covered in mud... We'll see! If not, those of you who I have on facebook will see some for sure!

I hope everyone stays safe this weekend.


Canadian Saver said...

Seems like our summer just started on August 1st this year... Enjoy your holiday :)

Jane said...

So far I haven't had to submit to a colonoscapy. Don't know if I even spelled it correctly! I had to chuckle about you eating some stuff you shouldn't have prior to your test - I do that all the time! I've never confessed however and haven't been found out so far. Glad the test went OK and hope the results are OK too!!

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