July 1/15

Today marks the first day of my vacation ( But I worked at my pt job) and I had a fantastic day there. I worked with some great girls, we were busy and had some great laughs.  I waited on some amazing people, tons of tourists and some regulars. I finished up by 8, then sat at the bar and had a bite to eat, a drink, plus a coworker had made some cake, so I ate that too, along with a cuppa tea.  The added bonus to the day was I was gifted a hoodie from the company who's event I'm taking part in... They showed up for lunch at the restaurant and gave out some freebies... Gotta love it!

It was busy at my Ft job Monday night ( I added some more time to my flex account) and it very quiet Tuesday. The time crept by... I danced my way out the door... LOL

Tomorrow I'm off on a day trip with a friend and her DD to hunt for beach glass... Can't wait, and I'm buying the coffee...

Friday I'll need to get ready to leave, which includes mowing the lawn... Then, up early Saturday morning to give the dogs a quick walk, pack the car, go to the gym, pick up my CSA box and hit the road for PEI.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day!


Jolie said…
freebies are great!

You are going to have a great time in PEI!
Canadian Saver said…
I'm the oddball, I took Monday and Tuesday off, while almost everyone else I know took Thursday-Friday... but I got A TON accomplished, no regrets.

Hope you have a fabulous time on PEI!!!!!!!! It is my favorite place in the world, well other than Paris maybe ;)
Jane said…
Don't you just love getting something for nothing! :) And cake too! Enjoy PEI; I miss it so much.

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