Wednesday, July 15, 2015

oops, i forgot to title this!

  Above are some happy puppies... the first day after a short jaunt on the beach!

  Release the Kraken... This was made into some yummy sangria... Potent stuff at 47%. Love it!

 A piece of the cliff that's been left behind by stom surges. It's been well decorated with sticks and buoys.

Below, the eagle has landed with his dinner. He or she flew rightover our heads about 20 minutes before had. What a sight to see...

This is some of the beach glass that I found. There is one teeny tiny piece of blue, two dark green pieces and two aqua pieces. Oh, there's one large amber colored peice too! The rest is beer bottle brown, white and green beer glass. I spent tons of time looking and finding beach glass. There's a few rocks too. One is an egg shaped piece of white quartz. It fits in my hand very well.

It was a good trip. I bought lots of goodies at a woolen mill... Can't say anymore than that as some of it is for Christmas. I even got to watch them harvest Irish Moss with horses.... What a wonderful sight.  We're booked again for next summer. Only 51 more weeks until we're there again. I do love it there... It makes my soul sing. Cool nights, hot days, sitting around a fire, eating supper together, laughing, telling stories, watching my nephews carry on. I'm amazed by my mother and her energy. I sat on the beach alone at least once a day, just listening to the wind and the waves, enjoy the solitude. I had my own cottage, which I loved... I have it booked for next year again...


Jolie said...

I think that is one of my favourite sounds....waves crashing /washing up against the shore on a beach that is deserted, or close to it. I am partial to blue, but those green pieces are lovely.

Canadian Saver said...


What part of PEI is it again? I think I need to book something for 2016... might be in September though as I prefer the Island when it's less crowded.

Jane said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time - I'm envious. My sister-in-law suggested I rent a place every summer for a couple of weeks. I thought that was a great idea. Can't do it this year but will think about it for next year. Great job on finding all of that beach glass!!

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