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I was a tad bit lazy yesterday and didn't write my usual Sunday post.

Last week had some difficult moments for sure, but it truly has some inspirational ones too! I've had some of the most wonderful conversation with many people over the past week, which I've expressed already and words are not powerful enough to say how thankful I am for them. The most unexpected things can occur when you least expect it, but having the courage to accept what people are offering it truly being blessed. I'm inspired daily.

I worked at my pt job and Saturday night was a bust. The slowest I've seen in months, with too many staff on. I worked 4.5 hours and left with 34 in my pocket. I make more money at lunch than I did that night. Oh well, once in a while it's bound to happen.

I've registered to take a beginners Reiki course in July ( I'm so excited for this), it took a few people in a few days to suggest it to me, and of course to overcome my initial fear to say yes. Within hours of deciding I was ready, I found a course and am all set to go! I'm also going to do a mud runner obstacle course in August... That's another thing to knock off the bucket list! I also made it to the gym 5 times last week...

I've been puttering in the yard, still lots of work to do, but I'm not working at my FT job tonight, I'm taking my momma to an event for the evening. I'll be working at my pt job first, then off to the Chiropractor I go, then home walk the dogs, eat supper and off again.

I'm still smoking too much right now, I feel as it it's the last kick at the can before I become a non-smoker... I'm looking at acupuncture to aid me in my quest.  Who will I be as a non-smoker? I finally have the answer after many years, an athlete, a runner, a healer, among other things.

Money wise, things are good, the bills are paid, and I have enough to do... It's only taken me 45 years to get a grip, but finally things are coming together.

Finally, yesterday I did hte usual changing of the beds and I picked a huge bunch of lilacs for my bed room. The smell of sun kissed sheets and lilacs made for one amazing sleep.


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