SUnday, June 28/15

I arrived home about an hour ago, after a whirl wind trip to visit my siblings, nephews and to let the dogs meet my sisters new dog.  The dogs got along fine, there was a few times my two stole his toys and growled, but no gnashing of the teeth! We ate, we walked, we played cards, I managed to get to chapter for the first time in 2 or 3 years... I bought 5 books for 32.00. I also managed to get to Costco and bought protein powder, another book and blueberries.   I also picked up our CSA share at our local farmers market yesterday, which made me very happy! I need to take my mother her share later on today.

Work at my Ft job was just a little crazy this week... A few late nights which gave me 2 more hours of flex time to use.. :)

Money wise, things are good, bills are paid, and my fridge and gas tank are full...

I have two days left to work at my FT job, and two shifts at my PT job before I start vacation! On Thursday I'm taking a road trip with a friend and her daughter... We're going hunting for beach glass... It should be fun. Friday will be getting ready to hit the road, and Saturday, let the adventures begin, as I'll be gone to PEI... Which means no blogging for a week... I'm sure I'll have lots to fill you in on!

I hope everyone is having a simple Sunday and the rest of the week is great!


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