What I noticed so far this month...

It's Sunday, the 24th and today was the first time that I ate out this month. There was a spring fling held all week-end and it included a rib fest...  It was freezing out yesterday and it snowed in places yesterday... Yikes!

My mom and I went this afternoon, and bought some ribs. I paid 16 for a full rack and two sides , (coleslaw which was ok but the baked beans were to die for!), which was an error I do believe I think it should have been 26 but I'll take it), and my mom got a combo of ribs and chicken.  It was way too windy to eat outside, so we drove to my house, made a stop to buy some fries and gravy... I paid 7.50 for this ( and it was way too much, I threw over half of the fries and gravy out in the trash). I ate half the rack and saved the rest for tomorrow at work, while my mom ate the ribs and saved the chicken for tomorrow.

I spent a whopping 106.14 on groceries on Friday. 23.24 was my contribution to the rib fest we"ll have while on vacation this summer. I think there's 7 packs of ribs in mom's freezer for this.  I bought the bacon I love which is 11.99 for a full kilo... Plus a rotisserie chicken.  I did buy a bag of chips and still have about 1/2 left, plus some chocolate... The rest was on the usual,  and I can say that I used up all my spinach and salad greens today, so I'll have to buy some on Tuesday.

I got meals ready for the next few days, and did all my dishes... Plus the laundry... I worked last night and didn't get out until 1:40, I'd rather have 10 tables show up at 12:50 that one... Just saying... I'm 17.00 dollars away from my target of 600 for the month from my pt job... Plus I have two short shifts to go.

The sun is supposed to shine this week, and I'm off all next week-end! Yipee...  I hope everyone had a great week-end and an even better week!


Jane said…
Kazi and I got takeout last week and it ended up costing me about one week's worth of groceries. Thankfully we got 3 meals out of it which made it a little less pricey but still!!!

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