The end of the mini break...

Three glorious days off in a row. A mini break for me, as I didn't work anywhere... Three days to get things done, spend time with family and enjoy the weather.

Saturday I did laundry, cleaned my closet, went to visit a dear friend, walked a labyrinth and asked for guidance ( it helped clear my mind of some clutter) and did a bit of yard work.  I stopped at my favorite ice cream store and treated my self... I went to my mom's for supper, as my brother and nephews were there. We had a lovely BBQ, and I played jump rope with my nephews and youngest first cousin. They were amazed that I could still skip! All three are working on their skipping skills, as it seems to be a dying art. I chatted for three hours on facebook to finish off the evening...

Sunday was rainy, a perfect day for chatting on the phone, and putting around the house. I spent over 4 hours talking on the phone, and got the house clean... Yes, I went to bed last night with a clean house and a lot of clutter gone... I bagged up some shirts I no longer wear, 2 pairs of shoes and some others things like brand new under wear, never worn and a bra that I loved but the straps hurt...  I again had supper with my family. I even watched tv for an hour.

Today, I completed a filthy fifty work out... and yes, I was a sweaty mess when I was done... I came home, dug up a dead tree and carried the remains to the woods. I tossed some junk from the shed, pulled out my BBQ, inspected the lines, and first crack it started... I love my 200.00 BBQ that I bought 10 years ago. I'll cry when it dies... I cleaned the BBQ, and cooked chicken with homemade BBQ sauce and roasted potatoes on it today. My mom came for supper, I was eating and she called to see if I wanted to go out for fish and chips, I told her I was eating and to come over. She brought along a surprise guest, one of my cousins who stopped by to visit her. We all ate supper together, and had tea and cookies to finish up.  I got my meals ready for tomorrow and even squeezed in a shower.

I've been tracking my spending again, I've spend 450 so far this month, and spent an additional 100 on smoking so far this month. ( Yep, way too much money... By times my anxiety was high and I smoked to distract myself, not the best coping technique I know!)

I am truly grateful for having such a great week-end and for getting so much accomplished. There are still lots of things to do, but I do feel like I got a huge dent in things. I hope everyone out there had a great weekend. 


it was a dry weekend here in our neck of the woods, but hot and humid with it. Had to put the a/c on. Glad you had a good weekend.
Jane said…
I envy you your energy :) You really got a lot done this weekend - you are really doing well these days and I'm proud of you!!

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