Friday, May 22/15

It's been another busy week here... A good busy.  Work has been good, a little slower than normal, but a much needed break for everyone. I attended a wellness fair that is attached to quitting smoking... I'll be making some baby steps in this area soon... My biggest fear of being a non smoker involves my identity. Who am I as a non smoker? This is my biggest stumbling block right now and a question that I've been working on for a few years. I don't have the answer, yet, but I am working on it!

Some of my coworkers were poking fun at the fair, and I'm truly finding my way, as I spoke up and said that I really enjoyed it and found it helpful. My blood pressure was 112/70 ( which is a vast improvement ) and my lung function was perfect for my age, 45...  Which shocked the girl who was doing it... I think it helps that I exercise on a regular basis, but just think what it will be when I no longer smoke! :)

DD got offered not one, but two full time jobs yesterday. She chose the one that was within walking distance to her home. The pay is a bit over minimum wages but comes with a benefit package...  When she had her interviews, we sent a lot of prayers out asking for a little push...  I'm so thankful that this happened. She will not be able to join us on vacation this summer, but I think my mom and I will fly up to see her this fall.

I got paid yesterday from both jobs, I've paid all the bills and had enough to cover all but 20.00... I'll transfer the 20 over next week...

I worked at my PT job on Wednesday and did very well. I'll use this to buy groceries, gas and whatever I make tomorrow will go towards vacation and taking in an event that's happening here.

The dogs have been pretty good all week. Yesterday my male didn't eat until bedtime, which is strange for him, but I'll keep my eye on him.  We're still walking every day, as our routine.

I made it to the gym every morning this week. I've dropped all my winter weight... Which is rather ironic, as I bought new jeans three weeks ago to fit my winter gain... Plus we received our new uniforms for work and when we were fitted for them in February, I refused to get a bigger size. I'm glad I stuck to my guns, as while the hip area pulls a smidgen, the rest would have been been too big...

That my friends is what's been happening in my world. I hope you all have a wonderful week-end!


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