Sunday, April 12, 2015

The last few hours of my vacation are drawing near...

It was a good week to be off... I relaxed, had long naps, read, went to the gym, walked the dogs and did a fw things around the house. I didn;t get as much done around the house as I had planned, but the break from not working for 7 days was wonderful. I hung out with a few friends, I barley cooked at all, I spent under 50 on takeout/eating out ( pizza, fried chicken, breakfast out and my favorite burger). I had long conversations with friends on the phone, which did wonders for my soul...  I bought some new summer clothes ( 85.00 for two skirts, 3 shirts, pants and sandals, I bought underwear too, but it's too small... someone will get a nice donation of brand new underwear).

It was time well spent just being and doing very little. It's what I needed... Now, I'll go back to the craziness well rested and know that I have 12 more weeks to go until my next break! 


Jolie said...

that sounds like a wonderful vacation. Rest, relax, connect and recharge. Good for you !

Jane said...

Sounds like you had a great week off! When Kazi is away I DO NOT COOK!! I love that freedom - I can get along just fine eating soup and grilled cheese. Hope your first week back is going well.

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