Happy Easter all!

It snowed yesterday, so the Easter bunny is using his snowshoes to get around this year! So much for new Easter shoes and bonnet's, this year it's Toques and boots. I'm going to do some shoveling to celebrate...

As for me, I sent DD some money to buy Easter dinner fixings ( and a little treat). I didn't even put up my Eater decorations this year. So far this month I've spent 69.00 for an oil change, 22.00 eating at my pt job, 36.00 for groceries. I've made 146 so far this week, with one more shift to go. Friday night was a total bust... 10.00... Last night, we sent everyone one home but two of us so we made decent money... I was thankful.

I just went over my grocery slip, she didn't charge me for the grapes I bought... Happy Easter to me! Today, I'll cook an omelet for brunch, and walk the dogs. I'll finish washing the walls of the bathroom and I think I'll do my closet this afternoon. I'll work at my pt job tonight and then I'll be off for 7 days... I have a dentist appointment, a Dr's appointment, a hair appointment and one of the dogs is going to the groomers this week. I should spend about 100.00 for this.  I may go to the movies this week ( Tuesday evening, as its cheap night). Not sure what else I'll do beside cleaning walls, going to the gym and walking the dogs, but I'll keep you posted!


The Witch said…
Happy Easter!!
We also will be shoveling while trying to do the Bunny Hop.
I honestly can't see even starting starter plants for the garden this year. We just have so much snow.
You must be so excited to have 7 days off in a row. A mini vacation.
Hope the weather warms up and you can enjoy the sunshine with the dogs.
Happy Easter to you and your family.
Jane said…
We've had a few inches of snow this week but it has disappeared usually by suppertime thankfully. Nothing like what you've been going through! I'm making Easter dinner today as it's the only day Kazi had off work. Just a traditional turkey dinner and I bought an apple pie and icecream. No making pie dough for me! I will hope for lots of snow melt while you have your vacation!

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