spending March 9-15

Snow plow ( for Feb 160.00)
Tobacco 33.00
drugstore 20.85 ( epsom salts, neti pot stuff and cold meds)
junk food 5.20 ( chips and chocolate)
coffee 4.55 ( I may buy another today and maybe one for my mom 4.50)
house 9.03 laundry soap and tin foil
clothes 33.83 2 pairs of leggings and a shirt
play tickets 40.00 ( I'm taking my mom out for her birthday, I'd rather buy an expereince than have stuff cluttering her house)
eating out 10.35 eating at my pt job
groceries 27.74

total spent 145.45 plus 160 for the snow removal... 

I hit my target for my pt job 254.00...

I was sick all week... and cranky... I booked a week off right after easter... My goal for that week is to spring clean the house... I'll come up with a plan of action this week for my time off.  I figure I can tackle one room a day/ smaller spaces I can get two done in a day. If the snow is gone off my deck by them, I'll put the chairs out, but keep the cushions in the basement... It'll help lessen the clutter in the basement.


Jane said…
I like buying "experiences" for people too - I took my brother to see a play last August for his birthday. I don't get to see him very often so it was nice for me too. Ahhhh spring cleaning - yuck but it has to be done. I think I'll procrastinate another couple of weeks:)

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