Spending from March 15- 22/15

I ended up grocery shopping on the 15th and getting some other things that day...

I spent
 44.17 at Shoppers- toilet paper, moisturizer x 2, butter, eggs, hash browns..
 45.32  Walmart groceries ( that includes 2 bags of starbuck coffee that I scored for 6.00/bag).
33.00 for tobacco
30.00 gas
15.50 for cofee, a bagel, chips and the vedning machine at work.. ( this is a definate downfall area)
13.50 on food from my pt job.

total 181.49

I hit my goal from my pt job 203.00 ( and I still have 160 in my wallet, plus whatever's in the car)...

It's another snow storm here, so I won't be spending any money today. I was smart this morning and walked the dogs early, so now I can clean the house, and spend the afternoon cooking... and shoveling spring snow ( wet= heavy)...


Canadian Saver said…
I am SOOOO SICK OF THE SNOW. 3 years ago today people were in shorts and bikini tops at Parlee Beach, it was about 25 degrees C.
The Witch said…
I don't know about you but I'm so sick of these snow storms. I went to work last week only two days because of all the blowing snow/storms.
Good thing you walked the dogs earlier. I think you have done very good on your spending for the week. It's hard being at work and having to buy something. I have been packing extra food because we have been stuck at work and CAN'T leave the facility.
They take us out by plows and shut the lanes down to one for all the workers leaving with the police making sure nobody is coming down the other way.
Such great fun!
Jane said…
We've been doing somewhat better weather-wise and I'm thankful for that - we haven't had any "new" snow for a couple of weeks though there are still lots of snow mountains slowly melting. But we've slid down into the low temps again :(

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