Money spent from March 1-7/15

Spending March 1-7
tobacco- 34.00
eating out 44.00 ( lunch out with mom on the 1st -25.00  pizza on the 7th 19.00
gas 26.08
dogs 90.55 ( a pack of bones and two bags of dog food, I'm set for the month)
junk food 8.66
groceries 24.21
house - 9.00
clothes 10.24

total spent 246.94

I must say that the pizza i bought and garlic fingers lasted 4 meals... Yep, I ate pizza 4 times in 24 hours and it was so good... It was a 12 inch pizza, 9 inch garlic fingers and a can of pepsi for 18.00, I left a loonie tip).

I still have tons of food to eat up... fish, chicken all in the freezer, plus some other stuff.  I'm hoping to spend very little again this week on groceries... ( maybe 30.00 in total)...

I'm working 4 shifts at my pt job this week... I'd like to bring home between 250 -300...

I do need to pick up a few things like toilet paper, vicks, and stuff for my neti pot... That'll be about 35 or so...


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