Friday, March 6/15

So, last night at work, I had a slight fever, tickley throat and I could feel the fluid running in my ear...  This morning, I knew, I picked up a bug somewhere...  I used olive oil and tea tree oil to help my ear. It worked...  I know now That explains the funk...  I was getting sick! I took another sick day, and slept for 4 hours this afternoon... 4 hours... I felt somewhat better and went to my mothers for a bonfire, which was very cool, as it's been a long time since I sat around a fire in the winter... I watched a movie and now I'm home for the night.   I'm going to soak in the tub and bundle up in my jammies, and cuddle with my dogs...


I am the Queen of ear infections, even at my age, so I so know how you feel. Glad you listened to your body and had a long nap.

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