Using things up in the fridge/freezer

I'll admit, I'm a food hoarder of sorts... I buy things and think, I'll cook that later or I'll make X , and sometimes it never happens. This week, I've made a conscience decision to go through the fridge and freezer and use up what I have. So far I've made one amazing stir fry, greens with avacado and sweet potato/black bean topper, ate some leftover chili and potato leek soup, banana bread with honey and whole wheat flour and today?

 I'm cooking spaghetti sauce with peppers, spinach, mushrooms and onion with Italian sausage. I used a can of diced tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce and about a cup of leftover beef stock. It's quietly simmering away as I type.  I'll boil some noodles up ( I do believe that I have some penne noddles in the pantry) and I'll freeze it all. I like having ready made meals in the freezer for when I'm working.  I'm planning on cooking some fish tomorrow to have along side the asparagus and some baked potatoes. Sunday, I'm planning on making chili and I'll cook myself a massive burger to enjoy, with some homemade sweet potato fries.  That will still leave me with 6 chicken breasts, 2 pork chops, seafood chowder, homemade beans, chili and pasta. I still have tons of fiddle heads to eat up, so I think they'll be on the menu once or twice a week from now until April. I may make some pumpkin muffins or bread to have in the freezer and I bought some craisins to use in cookies...  I may even make pizza dough, who knows.

On Sunday, we're supposed to be getting hit with 50+ cms of snow... Technically they're calling it a blizzard... Oh joy, oh bliss, I'll have ton's of cold foods to eat if the power goes out and I have batteries for the lantern and radio... I will buy some potato chips just in case... ( I'm not sure why, but I crave chips during snow storms..)... This morning, I took advantage of the milder weather ( -20 with the wind chill and walked the dogs.) They were good and seemed to enjoy it. Tonight, I'm going out for supper with a friend, it's long over due and I'm a little shack wacky... I won;t be drinking, so I'll pick her up so she can kick back and have one or two...  I hope the sun is shining where ever you are today, and I'm off to watch another episode of Scott and Bailey...


The Witch said…
I hate the thoughts of getting so much snow again. The high winds are always the killer here. I think you are craving "Storm Chips" as they are now called here. You have really been baking/cooking up a storm. Nice to use up the food and have extra's made for lunches. How do you cook your fiddle-heads? I love them and buy them as soon as they hit the stores. I have never tried freezing them.
Take care and hopefully we don't get buried in snow.
Jolie said…
Your fridge/freezer sounds delicious! I have never had fiddle heads.

We are due for a storm of 20 cm here today. It's beginning as we speak. Be a good day to bake or cook, or watch Netflix.
Jane said…
I love fiddleheads - my dad used to gather them in the spring - such a delicacy and spring tonic. Witch is right about "storm chips" - I always see posts on facebook from PEI friends about stocking up on "storm chips" before a blizzard :)

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