Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday, Feb 22/15

This past week has been so so... The weather didn;t help, ( we had snow twice), I couldn't button my pants for work, I missed two days of work, my BP was up this week... Yuck... On a few good notes,  I had some lovely chats and visits with friends, a few walks in the balmy weather the past two days, some happy puppies and some yummy leftovers... like seafood chowder and baked beans...

I also had a lovely soak in the tub this evening. It was the first tubbie I had in two weeks and it did me the world of good! It was so nice just to relax in some bubbles... I really missed my soaks... 

I haven't spent a ton of money, 21.10 for gas, 18.60 for groceries and 33 for tobacco...  i think there's a littel more I spent but i need to read the calendar for sure.

I'm going to get my taxes done this week... I'll see if I need to get some  extra RRSP's...

That's it. It's looking like there is no snow in the forecast for the next 7 days and the weather is supposed to be warmer, so that's a bonus.

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