Post storm Feb 3/15

It appears that we didn;t get as much snow as they were calling for, but we still have tons! My driveway is cleared out, the plow company was here early today. I'll make it to my chiropractors appointment after all!

I did leave work early last night, so I used 3.5 hours of vacation time. I felt good leaving early, as it had started to snow and the winds had picked up. The dogs were a bit stir crazy, as they haven't been for a walk in two days, so we played fetch in the living room,/hallway for 15 minutes. My floors have some new scratches, but I laughed so hard at the two of them, it's worth it.

Today's plan will be a short walk , ( max twenty minutes), some house work and coking some lunch. Then I'll head out to work for the evening. Tomorrow will be a normal Wednesday, with a few added responsibilities, as I'll be doing the cash, etc at my PT job. It's an extra hours pay, so I'll have a pay of 15 hours, not a lot but enough.

We'll going to have 6 more weeks of winter here... But hey, the time change is in 32 days!


The Witch said…
Sounds as if you and the dogs had a great storm day.
The roads here haven't even started to be plowed out yet. Another storm day for hubby and I.
I have learned how to make English Muffins form the Bread and they turned out just like a professional bakery outlet. Love storm days!!
Hope you make some good tips tonight. I know I would just love to go out tonight. I'm so tired of SNOW already.
Jane said…
32 days? Really? Well that cheers me up immensely!
And...that's why i have cats LOL! They get their exercise inside EVERY day :)

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