Tuesday, it's a snow day...

I decided to use a vacation day and stay home from work today. I'd be headed out to work during the height of the storm and since the RCMP are advising people to stay home, that's what I'm going to do. I told my boss at work that I was staying home, and got everything all the work I could do, done for Wednesday.

I'm going to venture out shortly to give the dogs a quick walk before it gets really nasty out there, and fingers crossed they'll burn off some energy. Although, right now they're both curled up sleeping, and don't seem too interested in going anywhere. I suspect that this will change once I move from the computer.

I spent 30 on groceries this week. I'm thinking that it I spent in total less than 200 for the month. More than the 125 I originally set,  but not overly extravagant. I haven't used a cc since the 2nd, when I was caught at the grocery store with no cash and no bank card...  I made it to the gym 11 times this month, with 3 more possible days to go for me. I fall slightly short of my goal for 16 time, but I'm still happy with my record.

I've spent an average of 25.00/week for gas, and I'm happy with this!

Today, I'm going to do some things I've been putting off for a while... Like organizing papers and doing some work in the basement...

Happy storm day!


Canadian Saver said…
Stay safe! I went in for all of 20 minutes before we were given the OK to go home... crazy.

Too bad you had to take a vacation day... at least I get paid.
The Witch said…
I'm home also with a storm day. Plus I get paid for it because the plant closed. Sweet. I have made Bread, Brownies, toasted some Almonds and made some Rice for supper if we still have power by then. The winds are very high and will be getting worst as the day goes on.
Stay warm and safe. Smart of you to take the day off because the roads are very bad with white outs.

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