Thursday, Jan 8/15

Baby, it's cold outside! -35 with the windchill! I put my winter gear on and walked the dogs for a whopping 10 minutes. Enough of them to blown off some steam, and not freeze their paws.

I need to shower and get ready to go to my PT job, and be prepared for my FT job tonight. ) Meal's packed, clothes ready for the switch. 

I didn't go to the gym this morning, I'm pretty sore from yesterday, considering it was a month since I've been there, and my wonky back is letting me know that I have to go slowly at the gym again. I will persevere and by March I'll be back at it in full swing. This is only a temporary set back.

I did sit down with my calendar this morning and figure out bill payments, etc. I had a eureka moment too! I've listed when things are due, and I realized that if I have everything written  out   when they're due, and I preplan the payments, I don't get that sense of doom I usually get worrying about money, rather I had a sense of peace knowing that everything will be paid on time... It may sound simple to some, but for me this was huge...  It's all about the baby steps.

I also received my final pay from my PT job for 2014. I worked 499.25 hours there in 2014. I cleared 4990 in wages.... (I have income tax deducted, plus vacation pay, stat pay, etc), so it was a good balance.

We haven't received notice of our increase from my FT job yet, I'm guessing that it'll be in March. It'll be nice to see a small increase on our pays.

I'll hold off on grocery shopping until Sunday at the earliest, and then buy what's necessary ( I'm guessing 40 tops) for milk, fruit and some veggies.

That my friends, is all i've got for now! Stay safe and warm!


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