Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday morning...

The sun is shining, the temperature is not so cold, the heat pump is finally working! ( I've been having issues with it since I bought it, the young lad that is doing the refrigeration part finally found the issue, a very small thing that had a huge impact!)

I worked my PT job last night, and it was busy! I've been working on the lounge side of the restaurant more lately and I'm loving it...  I had a table last night ask me if I was new, I laughed and said no, I've been here since it opened, but rarely do I work on this side...  I'm on target for meeting my goal of 1,000/month from my pt job... I did the math and I'd have to work 30 OT shifts at my FT job to meet this goal... I'm going to continue working my PT job, as it truly does bring me joy!

I'm also taking part of a 52 weeks savings challenge. So far, I've tucked away 78.00 since Dec 1. Ideally, I'd like to have 800 saved by May 1 to use towards my vacation in PEI this summer, and then save another 800 by Dec 1 for Christmas... Hmmm... that's 50/week... lets see what I can do...

Other than this, it's been a low key week. I've spent very little, money on my bad habit, and paying bills. Today I'll need to venture out and buy dog food and a few groceries ( I figure 40 max as I'm trying to go through the fridge, freezer and pantry this month). I'll need to buy some household stuff too at some point, like paper towel, dryer sheets, laundry soap, etc... Things that I only buy once or twice a year... Maybe I should track what I buy for the house stuff this year and see how much I spend and how long it lasts... That could be interesting!

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Jane said...

We are in for a brutally cold night - going down to -22c and that doesn't even factor in the wind chill so needless to say I'm NOT hiking tomorrow! Glad to hear your heat pump is working - what did you use for heat when it wasn't working?

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