Starting the New year off on a good foot!

Yesterday, I decided to tackle the two front bedrooms, as the largest one was a dumping ground, and the small one? It was clean, but too small for a double bed with frame and dresser. Within an hour I had the two rooms switched around, and now I have two overflowing laundry baskets of paper to sort, one bag of paper to shred so far, and nine pads of paper/note books found, 3.00 in Canadian Tire money found, and other personal papers.

Paper clutter is my downfall. I've bought file folders, bins, etc over the years to get the papers organized, but for some reason I never really do... It builds and builds and bam... I have laundry baskets full of papers... Sigh, I know I'm not alone in this but man, I really struggle with getting this s**t organized.

The month of January is going to be devoted to getting the papers sorted and filed in a manner that I can deal with. I'm very visual, so my old way of putting things in boxes and walking away does not work for me.... I'm off to hunt down some ideas.

In other news, I'm going to spend the next few hours doing laundry, tidying up the house, getting the turkey in the oven, peeling veggies, etc. Then I'll head out to buy groceries, and back home again to wait for DD's arrival.

Happy Friday all!


Unknown said…
I struggle with the paper clutter too! We have a basket that I throw things in that need to be shredded. It's usually overflowing. I have a big file folder that I throw important papers in but its a mess. If I need something, I know its in there but it takes me 20 minutes to find it. There's always mail that needs to be sorted in my van or on my kitchen table. It's endless.
Jane said…
That was one of the first things I did when I retired - yes, I had to retire to get the paper clutter under control. It's a personal demon!! Good luck with it Sam! Tame that beast!

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