Monday, the 5th of Jan 2015

I've been hobbling around today, battling the mystery pain on my right side once again... only 11 days until I see the Dr... I booked out sick, as I figured I would look unprofessional walking around with a hot water bottle shoved in the waist of my pants.

DD left today. We went grocery shopping in my pantry and fridge last night. She left with the making of chili, and pasta, and some other things to base meals off of. She also packed sandwiches and fruit for her traveling companions. 

Yesterday, it was a stormy, messy day. We shoveled snow, cleaned my mothers driveway, watched netflicks, ate split pea soup with homemade beer bread made by DD. We also had hot chocolate with honey jack daniels and baileys... It was to die for!

And that my friends was the sum of my weekend.


Jane said…
LOL that reminds me of when I got the pinched nerve in my back/shoulder and wore a pink bean-filled dog that I microwaved every 20 minutes in the classroom:)And then I had to take a MONTH off! I love the sound of your special hot chocolate - I've used Baileys before but not with Jack Daniels - sounds amazing!!

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