Saturday, January 3, 2015

Keeping it real...

I'm a bit absent minded sometimes... Case in point- went to the grocery store yesterday, and spent 95.00 on fruit, veggies, coffee, etc, and a few things that I may only purchase once a year like hot chocolate, popcorn, etc... I ended up spending 95.00 of my self imposed limit for the month... WHipped out my wallet to pay... No debit card... I then remembered that it was in the jacket of my work coat... So  I used my cc to pay for my groceries... Sigh...

On the good side, I realized I don't own a turkey platter, so I lined a jelly roll pan with tinfoil... It worked perfectly. My turkey however, fell apart when I tried to take it out of the pan. it tasted wonderful, and I made a massive pot of gravy ( 10 cups or so). I'm going to freeze the broth, which is already made, and freeze some of the meat.

DD is here for a few days, along side one of her best friends. They're sleeping now, and I'm going to putter around the house, possibly tackle the pantry, and relax for a bit before work at 5.

Oh, and if you have a chance to watch " The Grand Seduction", do so... I laughed so hard at parts, and the dialect, only in Newfoundland! I love Gordon Pinsent..


Jolie said...

Something about turkey and gravy and broth just makes me want to make soup :-) Turkey noodle is my favourite of the homemade soups we make.

The Witch said...

Sounds like a yummy Turkey dinner.
Good idea for use of the jellyroll pan as a Turkey platter.
Enjoy your time with DD.

Jane said...

I've seen it (TWICE) and loved it!! Such a great movie - I love when they rig up cricket costumes and fake playing the game :)
That has happened to me so many times leaving my card in my coat pocket. Gives me a bit of a panic at first WHERE IS IT but then I remember.

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