Friday, January 16, 2015

Finally a few answers...

First, I'll answer a question Jane had about my heating system. I have a heat pump, with an electric furnace. If the surface temperature drops below -20 Celsius , I switch it over to run just off the furnace.

I finally saw the Dr today over the pain in my right side... There is a very small cyst on the right ovary and one on left side too.  The Dr. is going to do a laparoscopic surgery to see what is going on... I feel 100% better knowing that we're moving forward with this! I'll have to take a week off work, but I'm cool with that!

I also made it to the gym 5 times this week... My back is 85% better, and I can't do a few moves yet, but I can see the difference already!

The dogs got their walks in every day but Wednesday. It was way too cold, minus 35 I believe.  They had an impromptu trip to the vets yesterday where my dog had his nails and butt cleaned up, and the female had her nails done... They were very good and entertained while they were there...

I spent 24.00 at the grocery store today, and cashed out 20.00 in free groceries. I got the basics, bread, milk ( white, chocolate and cereal cream), greek yogurt ( I scored 3x750 mls for 9.00)... Peanut butter was on sale for 2.99 so I got two, and some spinach, cauliflower and peppers. Oh, and bread was .99/a loaf... I bought a pack of 5 pork chops for 5.00 too! I think I did very well...

Now, I must go and get ready for work... Happy Friday all!

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Jane said...

Okay, that makes sense :) My sister and her hubby put in a heat pump at their old farmhouse in PEI - I don't really understand how they work. You did very well at the grocery - I hardly ever buy Greek yogurt - I love it but man is it expensive!!
So glad to hear your back is doing better and you're figuring out where the pain is coming from - hurrah! You're really making progress!

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