What's new and a stir?

Let see, it's Dec 7th, I'm dog free at the moment... they had a sleepover at my mom's last night, as I was gone from 1-11:30. They had a good time, and my mom even lets one sleep with her... The cuddly sheepdog... She loves to sleep on feet... I rearranged the livingroom for a tree, and now I'm going to quickly wash the floors and enjoy clean floors for an hour or so.

I'm going to fingers crossed and not be on strike... There's a tentative deal in place, voting on it Wednesday... I got my Christmas wish!

I'm going to finish up my Christmas shopping today, I'm buying some books and stocking stuffers and I'll be finished! I'll have DD's parcel ready to be mailed out Tuesday.

I made it to the gym 3 times last week, and I walked the dogs every day... I'll take them this afternoon when I get back from running errands. I may  buy my tree today.... Haven;t decided yet.

I'm going to be hanging out with some friends tonight. Going to a breast cancer fund raiser... Should be fun.

Nothing too exciting, but in all reality, good news all around!


Jolie said…
Oh I hope there is no strike. That would add so much stress to your world. Envious of you being almost done your shopping. I have not yet started. Have a great Sunday.
Jane said…
That IS exciting news about the tentative deal - hope it's a deal worth voting on!! I had to laugh about the ONE hour clean floors - I have the same issue around here - floors stay clean so briefly it hardly seems worth the effort! Happy Sunday!

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