Taking charge...

This is about facing what's not working and making changes...  I'm pretty stubborn about seeing Dr.'s, I usually put things off until things are really bad... 

Since June, I've had a on/off pain in my lower right abdomen. A knee buckling pain that would radiate to my lower back and down my thigh, stopping at my knee...  I had an ultrasound in November, and I meet with an internist to rule out bowel issues. I happened to see the ultra sound results and I have a cyst on my right ovary...  No, the Dr did not go over the results with me, he was more fascinated with family history that had no bearing on me.. I called the GYN/OB guy who did my surgery last year, and I'm going to see him in Jan so  he can go over the ultra sound with me... 

I spent most of the weekend doing nothing, except laying in bed sleeping and walking the dogs... I even cried Sunday  for about 5 minutes over the pain... Then I got up, had a bath, melted part of my bra, as I tossed it on the floor and it slid under the heater... Go figure ... I'm taking over the counter meds to alleviate  the pain.

I've had issues with my back since 2008, when I tumbles down a set of stairs while working and broke my tail bone...  Since I've been having pain, I've noticed that my back is getting wonky again. I think it's because I'm pulling my body inwards as a reaction to the pain...  So, I decided to make an appointment to see a Chiropractor to see what they  can do..  I'm not waiting around hoping things will get better on their own, I'm taking charge of my health and wellness...

to add to the mix, my heat pump is NOT defrosting again... Another call to the company wo installed it, and me waiting patiently to have someone to show up again to decide what wrong with it this time.... I haven't paid the bill yet, I'm holding off until it's fixed.

Now, I must be off to get ready for work... I'll take some advil and face the day...  Melted bra and all..

I hope everyone is have a good week so far, and is getting ready for some peace and tranquility in the next few weeks.


The Witch said…
Too funny about melting your bra.
It could only happen to you!
I'm glad that you have found out the source of pain in your abdomen.
It doesn't sound very pleasant and I bet that it really does hurt. I can't imagine that you have been able to withstand it this long.
Your one tough cookie.
Hopefully all will go well when you see the specialist.
Jane said…
My poor Kazi gets the occasional cyst in her lady parts so I know how painful they are. And your back - OMG! Poor you. It all seems to be coming at once so glad you are being more proactive about getting some help. I've been pretty dedicated going to a chiropractor over the years (fell off a trampoline when I was 14 so have had ongoing issues over the years) - I hope it helps you. When I had the compressed nerve the only thing that helped was acupuncture. It's worth considering - Chin up dear :)

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