It's over now...

Christmas is done for another year, the gifts have been unwrapped, the turkey is just bones now, and everyone is relaxing now.

Work was busy Christmas eve, way busier than the manager expected. We had fun and made the best of it. I worked with some great people that day.

The dogs and I had a rain filled drive for turkey dinner. It poured for part of the drive, and alternated between mist and fog and light rain the rest of the way.  We arrived at my sisters, I helped prep the meal and at around sixish we ate,  did the dishes, had tea and played Zombie- oply ( like monopoly but with zombies).  I lost miserably, but it was fun. In the morning we went to my brothers for breakfast and I was back on the road for home by 12:30. I did nothing last night but chatted on the phone, and ate some chocolate, and watched Netflics.

I received a sweet cordless drill complete with tons of bits and bobs, some teas and a tea mug from my DD, who conspired with my mother over the gift. I also received some small covered dishes, homemade hot chocolate, and a bottle of 40 creek cream liquor. Oh and green tea, blueberry jam and chocolate. The kids loved their pjs and books, they liked them some much they all squirreled the books away in their rooms for some peaceful reading times.

The sun finally broke through later Christmas day ( it hadn't shone in 9 days)... and It's shining now, so I'll take the dogs for a long walk this afternoon in the sunshine. I'll be doing some house work and some  goal planning for the next year.

I hope you all had a safe and glorious Christmas.


Jane said…
Sounds like a really nice time Sam! I'm hooked on The Walking Dead so I would probably enjoy that game:) My daughter wishes our Christmas was a bit more "exciting" but I enjoy the guilt-free time for reading and watching Netflix!
Jolie said…
I love playing board games at Christmas. It's something we always do...that and cards. Sounds like a great day. Never had 40 creek cream liquor. Is it like Baileys?
The Witch said…
Sounds as if you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.
Some great sounding gifts also.
Wishing you and DD all the best in the coming New Year.
Take care.

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