It's Christmas eve...

and I'm soon going to throw my walking clothes on and take the dogs out, but first:

I worked last night, and it was busy... The night flew by however and I worked with some great staff. We had lots of laughs. People were very happy and tipped very well...  i saw lots of little babies. grand parents and tons of business people out.

I'm working today, and it'll be steady I'm sure. I think we'll sell lots of gift cards today! I have a meat pie in the freezer, so I'm going to bring that to share with my co-workers. We'll have a little feast today, as there's only 7 of us working in total today.  I'm going visiting friends this evening, I have three house to stop by, and I've got wine for each house. The dogs will most likely go for a second walk this evening, not a long one, but enough to burn some energy.

I went to see my god daughter yesterday ( her sister was at a friends).  She was excited to see the presents and wanted to know if it's what I always buy them... I told her that yes, her new pj's were there, along with something else.  She was almost bounding off the walls to see them. I've established a tradition with them that I always buy new pj's and books for Christmas eve...  I hope she's still excited abut pj's when she's a teenager.

I'm cooking breakfast tomorrow for my cousin who's working nights. She can go to bed tomorrow morning with a full belly and I'll have some company. I'm cooking an egg dish ( similar to poached eggs, but served on fried potatoes and veggies instead of bread). I'll make bacon and toast too.

I must be off and pack my bags, so that I can hit the road  tomorrow shortly after breakfast and the morning walk.



Jolie said…
I hope your day goes smoothly at work and passes quickly. Have a safe journey tomorrow. Merry Christmas.
Jane said…
Your plans sound nice Sam (I'll bet you make good tips today also!) We're a little melancholy around here as Kazi's boyfriend broke up with her a little while ago so this is the Christmas we just endure somehow. We're seeing family tomorrow and she has made lots of plans with friends. We'll get through it.

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