Dec 22/14

The past week has flown by, I'm officially on vacation from my Ft job until the 29th. I'm working the 23rd and 24th at my Pt job, to give those with little ones some time home with them. We had 5 of our students return from the summer to work over the Christmas break. what a wonderful bunch. They truly love serving and are enthusiastic. They're all going to return for the summer, and this way, they're still in the game. Many of them will work two jobs over the summer, in order to save as much as they can. Plus, it's less temptation to go and spend money when you're too tired from working all the time!

I did go the chiropractor and I'll be going for some weeks to come. I have a compressed nerve in the middle of my back, so he's working on helping it get unstuck. Plus I apparently have slow glutenous maxi mus muscles, so that is messing things up... ( it's not the first time I've been told I have slow muscles, so I'm working on improving the reaction time on those muscles).

Now, I'll tell you the story of my almost face plant... I was working on Saturday night. I turned away from a table, with a pizza tray in the right hand ( I carry the tray centered on the palm of my hand), I take two steps, and a young man spins out of his chair at the same time. HE catches my right foot as I'm lifting it up to step, and I go flying ( actually stumbling/running) the length of the restaurant... All while carrying the leftover pizza in my right hand...  I didn't fall, and I didn't drop the pizza. I laughed and laughed as I was a spectacular sight. The mom of the young boy was mortified but i went over to him and told him that my years of dance class finally paid off, I can keep my  balance and catch myself.. It was a youtube worthy moment.

I'm off now to get ready to see the Chiropractor, then I'm going to pick up a few odds and ends. I'll be home to walk the dogs, crank the music up and do a little bit of baking and floor washing.

May the peace and gentleness of the season be yours.



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