a weight is off my mind

We voted yesterday for our new contract.  We found out tonight that it was a resounding yes for the contract. It was decent... The best part is that our wages are going to binding arbitration. Worse case scenario, we get no other increase than the one we're already getting ( cost of living). Best case scenario, we get an increase equal to what our counterparts make... which would be an increase of 7.50 an hour.  I've crunched the number for my coworkers...  and by the times is all said and done, I'll be getting a retro check from anywhere to 1000.00 on up to 18,000 ( that's the best case scenario, and most likely will happen in June). I'm not making any plans for the money until I know for sure what is happening, then I'll sit down with my financial adviser and make some decisions.

I'm so happy that I expressed my concerns to politicians, family and friends. I answered my own fears, made some sound decisions and now I can breath a little easier...  Bring on 2015, I'm ready!


Jane said…
I'm doing a happy dance here!! Whatever you get, pay-wise, will be a substantial difference from what you're getting now. And the retroactive!! That was the only good thing about when I went without a contract for a while - there was always a nice amount of retroactive to work with at the end of it. Congrats Sam - you've definitely earned it!!
Hurrah! Great news. Congrats!!
Canadian Saver said…
That is great news!!! Heard about it this week and thought of you... the retroactive.... even half of the max would be amazing, wouldn't it????

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