Sunday, Oh, How I love Sunday!

I love Sunday. It's a day for me to do what I want, mixed in with some housework, shopping with my mother, walking the dogs, and watching some tv later on.

I'm also going to do some cooking after, I'm not sure what yet, but I'm thinking some type of pasta, and maybe I'll bake some cookies. The cookies I'll most likely take to work with me tomorrow night.

I'm going to go to the grocery store today, as I want to buy some coffee and a few other things that are on sale. I'm stocking up my pantry as I'm a tad bit worried about being on strike and if my pantry is well stocked its one less thing to worry about.

I worked last night at my PT job, and it was busy! It was probably one of the busiest days we've ever had. I left work with 218 in my pocket. That is the most I've ever earned in tips in a single shift...   There's going to be a nap in my future this afternoon, as I work up at 7:30 this morning and was home and in bed at 2:00. Not a ton of sleep for this girl! The money is going towards gas, groceries, my car registration and a little for a few xmas gifts.

I'm off now to do some laundry and some vacuuming... Happy Sunday to all!


Jane said…
That's a lot in tips - wowzers!! When will you know if there's going to be a strike or not?? Must be tough waiting.
I am having the laziest Sunday ever - I can't believe it! I'm still in my jammies! Once I finish my blog reading I'll get dressed (maybe) and get to work in the kitchen. Need to make soup and something for dinner. I made cookies Friday for a girl's movie night - I made Haystacks - they went over well!

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