Sunday is drawing to a close...

I had a pretty decent week. I was sick most of the week, not the flu but some major pain in my lower abdomen that knocked my socks off for the bulk of the week. By Friday I was pain free, got some things done and handed out treats to a whopping 15 kids.  Yesterday I went to work at my PT job early and left with 126 in my pocket after walking for 8 hours. Yep, this girl can still rock the floor at almost 45... I didn't get a break, as my sections kept filling up.  I switched sections three times), but no fear, most days I'd rather keep going than sit for 20 minutes and then I really don't want to move again!

Today the weather is stormy and yucky out. I walked the dogs early this morning, while it was just a light mist and I'm so glad I did. It's freezing rain, and the roads are slick. I did run and get the dogs some food at lunch time, and I've spent the rest of the day read, talking on the phone and watching tv.I cooked a pot roast for supper and was going to bake, but decided against it.  It was a day of quiet contemplation, and just what I needed!

It's been a truly simple Sunday, one that I'm truly blessed to have!


Jolie said…
So glad you had such a great day. Hope you didn't get too much of the white stuff last night. Be safe.
Jane said…
Glad you're feeling better Sam. Yesterday we had gorgeous weather though it had dipped down to -5c overnight! Our first heavy frost. I went for a hike first thing in the morning and it was slippery where the frost had frozen the mud. But it was a day full of sunshine so I went for a drive after the hike before coming home to make soup. I love days like that:) Hey - there's a lot of life and energy in us "older" girls yet!!

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