Nov 23/14

This past week has been a mixed bag.. The weather has been all over the place, snow, rain, wind, cold...  I have walked the dogs every day, even if they were short walks.

I paid my bills, went to the gym twice, spent some time cleaning the house, had the furnace cleaned... (that bill will be a good one, as the defrost wasn't working right on the heat pump, go figure...  They fixed a setting and added gas to it...

We took our strike vote,  the result are not in, but I'm going to guess that it's going to be in the 90% range for a strike. The gov't wants to go back to the table, so I'll know more in mid December. I'm ok with what ever happens, as I know I can make it!

My house is slowly coming into order, I've been picking away at it, plus one of DD's bestie's has moved back home and is bored, so she's coming to help. I'll pay her with gas cards...

I've got a good start on my shopping, a few more gifts to buy and I'll be done. I'm holding a book swap soon, invited some friends to come and trade some books... I've serve some drinks, coffee and tea, and some sweets! It should be a good time! We'll be preparing for winter reading!


Jane said…
I love the idea of a book swap! My union has voted in a strike mandate but of course that doesn't automatically mean a strike will happen. It's just one more strategy in their arsenal. I've been so lazy too, I don't know what's wrong with me (well, I guess I do and this too shall pass!) I'm trying to pick one thing to get done each day but I often get distracted lol!

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