I'm a slacker lately...

I've been slacking in all areas excpet for dog walking... I haven't cooked a meal in over a week, my house is a disaster, i've been eating sugar like crazy, and I'm cranky...

What to do about it? It's easy, clean my house tomorrow, cook a really good supper, walk away from the sugar at work and get my butt to the gym 4 days next week.

I did make a suggestion at work that if we go on strike, I'd like to work 4 night shifts. Crazy I know, but I'll be in the sunshine every day, and will be on a semi normal schedule! A nocturnal one, but better than the splits...

The crankies will go away soon, I just need to get things sorted and it'll be all good!

These two clowns make my day, every day... See how happy they are?


They're beautiful, Sam! Hope you can spend your days with them and work something out for your strike work. I've never been in a strike position, but if it does go ahead, I hope it doesn't last too long. Have a great weekend x
The Witch said…
Cute picture of your dog and his friend. They look like they enjoy each others company.
Strikes are never fun and can be draining when they go on for too long. Walking the picket line is tiring and some people can be nasty and them others will bring coffee and donuts. Those are usually the ones who have also been in the position of having to be on strike.
Take care and have a great weekend.

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