Conquering fears...

That's what my theme of this year is, conquering fear.

I was in full blown panic mode last night and early this morning. Over what, you'll ask?

The possibility of a strike and having a huge chunk of money taken off each pay for the strike pay fund. ( the amount is just shy of my mortgage payment). Yep, that's a chunk of money. I was getting stressed over it, so I did something proactive and wrote a letter, expressing my concerns. Have I mailed it? No, I think I'll send an email outlining  the bulk of the problems andthen present my concerns at a meeting.

How do I feel now? A million times better! Just by a simple task of expressing the fear releases much of it! Will it solve everything? No, but I know now that I will be having my voice heard, and will handle the criticisms and everything else involved with grace. 

I've looked ay my budget and have things sorted out. That made a huge difference too!

Thanks for reading....



Out My window said…
I remember strikes as a child and I hated them. Every Christmas all through high school my fathers company would go on strike. It was a nightmare.
I think it's the "What Could Be's" that paralyze us. We go straight to the worst case scenarios and then get stuck there. I think your theme is terrific (I might steal it for the New Year actually...). Being proactive - just picking ONE thing - is often the best way to stem the fears. While fear is good in that it protects us from danger, it gets easier (and faster) to find a way past it as you go along. Hope the strike doesn't happen! Take care xx
Jane said…
You are definitely at a crossroads with your lack of a contract. You NEED a contract and sometimes a strike is the only way. I HOPE it doesn't happen and that things can get worked out at the bargaining table if they can GET to the table! You've done all you can do as far as being proactive. You have your PT job too which probably puts you in a better position than many others. This has dragged on way too long! You may not be able to save if there's a strike but as long as you can pay your bills!

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