Anothering day, another dollar...

I've spent very little money this week... which is odd for me... I usually spend money as quick as it comes in, but not this week. Since Sunday I've spent 53.00 + 9.00 at the grocery store ( dog food, etc). I've spent 33.00 on tobacco, 3.50 on coffee and a bag of chips, 10.00 for a donation, and 2.00 for a local lottery I play. I did pay my bills on line too, but I had 210 in cash this week, and I still have 110 in my wallet.

Part if the reason I spent so little was the weather... It's stormed twice this, so I only went to work and back home again.  The other part is my dad best friend passed away unexpectedly, and part of the week was spent doing to wakes and his funeral. It was hard for sure!

I'll be spending some money tonight, I'm going out for supper with two good friends, and then we're coming back here to watch a movie on netflics.   I'm going to finish up some house work and get ready to go out. I'm thinking of either a burger or nachos... I'll decide when I get there.

I'm off to do some more work, happy weekend all!


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