Friday, October 31, 2014

Where are all the trick or treaters?

I had a whopping 15 kids tonight... Next year, I prep for 20 not 30... It was a beautiful night, warmish, no rain... I saw at least 4 groups of 5 or more just walk by the house. Too lazy to walk the 20 feet to the back door I guess!

 The dogs and I had a lovely adventure this morning. Three deer ran across the road about 20 feet in front of us this morning. I managed to keep the dogs restrained for about two minutes ( considering they weigh 80 and 50 lbs ) and then I started to lose my footing and let them go. They ran into a field, but the deer were long gone and the dogs leashes kept them from going into the woods. It was funny, but not funny...

I got the BBQ and patio furniture away today, plus 4 bags of leaves raked. I still have some more raking to do, but it'll wait until next week-end.  I also broke down and bought new phones today. They were on sale and I hope they last for 5 years like my last ones! My answering machine has bit the dust too, so the new phones have one built in.

I'm working tomorrow at my PT job, and then one day of rest, then I work 5 and off for 4! Yippee...


slugmama said...

Hardly any kids here tonight either so the ones who do come are getting hands full of candy! lolz

The Witch said...

We only had 6 kids, but not surprising for living out in the country. They usually all gather at the community hall where they have a bash for all the kids.
The night was perfect!
Enjoy your day off on Sunday. Don't forget to turn the clocks back.

Jolie said...

We only had about 45. Not as many as some years but more than others.

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