Thursday Oct 9/14

It's been a week since I wrote, again... I can't seem to get back into writing daily, I think I'll shoot for twice a week.  SO what's new in my world? Still keeping busy, walking going to the gym. My house is sorta clean... It's never really clean when you have two dogs. LOL  My borrowed dog is staying the winter, she's good company for my boy...  Who's still hanging in, limping more and more every day, but still loving life and his walks.

I'm going on date number 2 on Monday... This time a walk and coffee date. My choice, as eating out all the time on dates is a little boring... Actually, I decided last time too... I'll keep you all updated...

Moneywise, things are the same. I did give a 50.00 donation to a coworker who lost her house in a fire this week. I can't imagine losing everything and she is a wonderful person. People at work having been given gifts of food, cash, toys for her kids and people are gathering dishes, bedding etc...

I left work early tonight, and now I'm off to soak in the tub and maybe watch some TV. Night all!


Jane said…
Yes, good to get some variety on those dates :) Has he met the doggies yet? Are you taking the dogs on the walk?
Yes. Must. Keep. Me. Posted!!

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