Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oct 2/14

These past few days have flown by. Work is work, some people love to cause drama for no reason... I'm guessing that they're terribly unhappy with their own life and feel the need to create chaos where ever they go. I'm staying out of it. I love my little bubble of happiness, and work very hard at keeping my bubble happy...

My date on Saturday was very nice. He seems like a nice guy, we're going to meet up again next week for lunch ( two people with crazy schedules, it takes some work to figure things out...LOL). He paid for lunch, I left the tip...

I'm still walking the dogs, working out and keeping busy. I have a few projects that I want to start, and I have a goal of having my fall house cleaning completed by November 15. Wish me luck.

Moneywise, things are the same...


The Witch said...

Glad you had a nice date, I was wondering how it would be.
Drama at work seems to be everywhere lately. Over stupid stuff. I just want to put in my 8 hours and go home without listening to the whining.
Have a happy Friday tomorrow.
The weather has been beautiful here and the trees are really starting to change colours.

Canadian Saver said...

That's exciting about the date :) Hope you enjoy the other one too... I just met a new guy too, who walked into my office and happens to live 2 doors down, temporarily... very convenient!

Enjoy your weekend!

Jane said...

A date? I didn't know about that!! I'm glad it went well - tell me more! Where did you meet him? First dates can be so awkward, I'm glad yours wasn't.
I can't tell you how HAPPY I am not to be involved in office politics anymore!

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