So far today...

I took my borrowed fog to the groomers, vacuumed the living room and the back entrance, did some dishes, cleaned the car... which took two solid hours, and I didn't touch the outside yet!  I got my passport photos done, the forms filled out and I even got the money order to send along with it! It'll be in the mail tomorrow!

I called to book a Dr. appointment and got in for this afternoon. Which is almost unheard of!( I've had pain in my lower abdomen for over 2 months now, it comes and goes, but it makes me feel nauseous when it rears its head three or 4 times a week). She's going to send me for an ultra sound of the pelvic region  and also refer me to a gastroenterologist to rule out anything with the bowel. I do have IBS, but I've never had this type of pain before.

I stopped by the new second hand book store and walked out with some new to me books.  Jane, if you come to visit next year, I'm bringing you there! I even managed to walk the dogs and they also had  an adventure in the field this morning.

I'm still going away , but I'm leaning towards not going until Saturday morning. There are some things I still want to do around here and if I don't leave until then, it gives me more time to get stuff done!

And yes, there was a small bucket of shot gun shells ( live) that I inherited when I bought the house 10 years ago. They've sat in the basement, and once in  a while I'd think I really should take them to the police station for disposal, and then forget about it... So they sat and sat, until they found a new home, where they'll be used for target practice at the firing range... 


Jane said…
Oooooooh books!! Yes, it's a date! Hope nothing serious evolves from your medical tests! You've reminded me that I HAVE to clean out my truck - I've had it a year and a half and haven't done a serious clean out since I bought it. For shame!

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