Sept 5th, 2014

Is going to be a hot one... I get to go to work this evening in a place where there is no air conditioning... It broke over two weeks ago and the part is being repaired. It is so lovely to work in a building where there is NO fresh air circulating... I've left work early for the past two weeks when ever I could... Headaches,  dripping in sweat,  yuck... I'm on vacation as of 11:00 tonight... I'm not going to miss work at all next week, as It's still going to be hot!

Life has been good otherwise. I'm off to do some house work and walk the dogs before it gets too hot!


Jane said…
Our heat wave finally ended - right now it's only 16c but going up to 23c. Perfect!! AND I have windows open :) I HAVE to have fresh air circulating! Enjoy your holiday!!

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