Friday Sept 12/14

Today I made it to my work out,  paid for my glasses ( except for 50.00 which is the 50 dollar Visa card I won)got my hair cut, sent my passport info away ( for everything it came to just under 200.00), got rid of some old work clothes, did laundry,  took the dogs for a lovely walk and bought a few groceries.

I froze some blueberries,  and cleaned the pantry out...  I own 8 boxes of pasta,  7 cans of tomatoes, 11 boxes of soup stock.  lots of beans, and tuna... Plus I have 4 cans of coffee and one of decafe.  Oodles of tea, white sugar, icing sugar and brown sugar. I think I'll challenge myself to spend 75.00 or less on food for the rest of the month.

I even took some time to read a bit and I cooked bacon, eggs and fried potatoes for supper. Now, I'm off to join my mother for a fire in her backyard and fingers crossed we"ll see the Northern Lights tonight! Tomorrow, I'm heading out of town for the night, the dogs are coming with me, and I'll be back on Sunday. I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you have a chance, look up at the skies tonight!


Jane said…
Well it's certainly cold enough here for northern lights!! Last night was the first night I could see a bit of the harvest moon - it's just been cloudy, rainy and cold ALL week! I used to stockpile pasta too, but not so much anymore.

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