You have to love the small things!

I've noticed this past week, a ton of bloggers talked about the small things that mean the most to them.

Here's a few small things that I'm thrilled over this week:

Monday at my FT job, working with an amazing crew for the day. Makes my job so much easier when people help! 

Having a chance on Tuesday evening to walk the dogs by the river, and watch the sun set.

Chatting to some seniors on Wednesday who came in for lunch. They were so sweet!

Thursday, passing on some good news to someone. They were very thankful.

Friday evening, I found out I won a 50.00 gift Visa from my PT job.

Saturday night at my PT job, I found a bottle of wine in the office with my name on it. We had won a contest and were given bottles of wine ( everyone that was over 19 that is). Mine is going to be made into Sangria this weekend.

Today, I'm grateful that no one, including myself have made any demands of my time. I'm choosing to clean the house,  do some laundry and I'm going to have some company stop by later... I'll walk the dogs later on this morning.

I'm off to enjoy the small things ( clean laundry, shining toilet, and  a chat with my bestie on the phone).

What small things are you thankful for/ going to do today?


Jane said…
You are really living right!! A $50.00 visa card AND a bottle of wine!! Lucky you! When I got home Wed. night from my long drive Kazi had made spaghetti and sangria - it was a wonderful meal :)

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